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INTRSCT is a Christian non-profit organization that began in March of 2004 through the vision of Dave Clark and the support of countless individuals. Our programs continue thanks to the passion and efforts of our paid and volunteer staff members, our donors, Board of Directors and generous support from our ministry partners.

The primary goal of INTRSCT is to help change and enrich the lives of Chicago's underserved youths and the young adults who mentor them. We believe that some of the most talented and gifted young people live in urban areas such as Chicago however, many of them do not have the adequate tools or opportunites to maximize their potential. We also believe that the young adults of this generation have a very strong desire to serve the underserved and are searching for the right opportunites to do so. INTRSCT exists to unite these two groups of people so that both may grow and be challenged in their faith while meeting each others needs.

Jesus said, "I have come that they may have life, and have it to the fullest."—John 10:10 NIV. Everything we do at INTRSCT is an effort to challenge and provide opportunities for youth and adults to live this maximum life that Jesus said was the purpose for his coming. The Arts, computer technologies, sports, academics, faith, jobs and relational lessons are what INTRSCT helps to provide. We believe that these are key components to living out a maximum life.

To empower Young Adults to become agents of transformation by building relationships with Chicago Youth.

We seek to broaden worldviews, unleash potential, and encounter and become the hands and feet of Christ.

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